Specialised Insurance

The right protection for you, your assets and your family is an important part of a wealth protection and management strategy.

Our team will ensure you have the right cover in place to meet current and future needs. We are passionate about protecting our client’s wealth and lifestyle and will ensure any cover is optimized to your unique situation.

The right insurance can give you the peace of mind that your family and business partners would be financially protected should something unexpected happen to you.

Essentially, insurance is about managing risk and exchanging that risk for certainty. Good insurance will also protect your wealth, should the unexpected happen.

We offer the following Insurance advice:

House Insurance and Fire

Our team can arrange competitive cover to Protect your biggest asset and the contents held within. Cover includes fire damage, accidental damage, hidden gradual damage and landlords extensions for rental properties.

Life Insurance

Life Cover and Life Income Cover both pay out if you pass away or become terminally ill. Terminal Illness and Life covers pay out a one-off sum, which can be used to create an investment fund to generate income, to reduce debt, such as a mortgage, or to leave money behind for a specific cause such as funding future tertiary education for children, paying final costs such as funeral expenses, or to leave a bequeathment.

Life Income Cover pays a regular monthly benefit for a set number of years, which can be used to directly replace the income of the family member who has passed away.

Health Insurance

Health insurance cover pays for medical, surgical, and sometimes dental expenses incurred by the insured. Health insurance will sometimes reimburse for expenses incurred from illness or injury or pay the care provider directly.

Trauma Cover

Trauma Cover products pay out a sum of money if you are diagnosed with or suffer from one of the large numbers of listed serious health conditions. These conditions include Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke and many more.
Trauma Cover products are often used as a ‘recovery fund’ providing you with the money to pursue treatment options or to cover any additional costs needed to get back on your feet after a serious illness.

Business Insurance

Our team can arrange business interruption insurance and business key man insurance to ensure you are covered should the unexpected occur.

Business interruption insurance, also known as ‘business continuity’ insurance helps minimise the financial impact to your business when an interruption to your normal operations occurs after a physical loss of business assets. This insurance is designed to help you carry on through the event and after the damage has been repaired. The cover funds your increased operational expenses and injects lost profits into your balance sheet.

Key man insurance is a life insurance on the key person in a business. A company purchases a life insurance policy on the key employee, pays the premiums and is the beneficiary of the policy. If that person unexpectedly dies or is incapacitated, the company receives the insurance payoff.

Contract Works Insurance

If you are building, renovating or altering your property you need to have insurance that will protect your investment. Contract works insurance policies are designed to reflect the requirements of leading construction contracts, but can be tailored to meet your specific contract requirements.

Contract works policies can include:

  • Cover for all parties required to be insured in terms of the construction contract.
  • Cover for additional costs incurred following accidental loss. This can include expediting, clean-up, debris removal and additional professional costs.
  • A provision to reduce the risk of underinsurance by allowing for an increase in the construction costs during the construction period,
  • Cover for increased reconstruction costs (beyond the original construction cost) following accidental loss.
  • Cover for the testing and commissioning of new plant and equipment.

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