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We teach financial literacy in workplaces

We help kiwi businesses empower their staff to make better financial decisions and secure their financial future.

We do this by running a series of workshops that help your staff understand where they are now and simple tips to get ahead. At Lighthouse we are obsessed with empowering Kiwis to take control of their future and allow them to achieve their goals.

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Did you know 62% of Kiwis are worried about their finances?

We believe this is because we are never taught about money. If your parents and school don’t teach you how to buy your first home, set up a budget, good debt vs bad debt or how to invest, how are you meant to know?

How do we do this?
Knowledge is power.

To achieve this goal, James Blair and Michael Vincent run workshops via businesses and associations with no sales pitch attached. These workshops will allow your staff to understand where they are now and simple tips to get ahead.

Why help your staff make better financial decisions

Wellbeing strategies are becoming commonplace and financial wellbeing is a key component. Peace of mind around financial security will lead to improved workplace efficiency and productivity, better talent retention and engagement.

Our Approach

Everyone is at a different stage of life and has their own challenges so we break our workshops into six parts:

Workshop Feedback

Frank discussion, real numbers, financial jargon disseminated down to relatable examples and understandable concepts.

The mason jar korero reminded me that the exercise can help reframe affordability in a tangible way. We're working on reframing the narrative from 'we can't because we're poor' to 'we can't buy that now, but we can work towards it'.

It was general that I could understand it without having any financial knowledge. They were very clear and the information shared from both speakers have been very useful and helpful for me.

They were fantastic, a great deal of what they were talking about most of us ol' buggers had heard before, but they actually made it sound interesting and a lot of fun....great combo!!

The presenters did a great job of keeping us engaged and making the content interesting. They worked well together and rifted off each other. The content itself was also data driven and on point.


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We use our expertise to guide the way to wealth and prosperity through business, investing and property.

James Blair

Wealth Director

James is a Wealth Director at Lighthouse and a Financial Adviser. He has been working in financial services and providing advice for 10 years. He has helped hundreds of families achieve their goals so they can achieve financial peace of mind.

+64 27 399 5175 Book Meeting

Michael Vincent

Mortgage Director

Michael has worked in the banking and finance industry for over 9 years, holding positions in retail and business banking as well as financial technology. He has experience in writing home loans, business lending and loans for property investment.

+64 21 037 9572 Book Meeting

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