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Most New Zealander’s are happy to insure their home, car and personal contents, but surprisingly, a lot less are willing to insure their two most important assets – their life and income.

So why aren’t all New Zealander’s putting personal insurance in place? It’s because of our “she’ll be right” mentality. We don’t like to think about getting sick or dying! Even though it scares us to think about, it’s extremely important to have a plan.

Hopefully you’ll never have to claim on your personal insurance, but in the unfortunate scenario that you do, your family can have ”peace of mind” knowing they can continue to pay the bills, pay off the mortgage, keep that rental property you worked so hard to buy and ensure the head start in life you have isn’t wasted.

Lighthouse Wealth are experts at ensuring and your family are appropriately insured. It’s about having the right level of cover in place and not over-insuring.

Your Financial Adviser will sit down with you, understand your situation and prepare a personalised insurance plan that’s suitable for your budget.

Some forms of personal insurance include:

    • Life Insurance – a lump sum payment for your family if you passed away or are diagnosed terminally ill.
    • Illness or Disability Insurance – a lump sum payment in the event that you fell seriously ill or were permanently disabled.
    • Income Protection – a regular payment based on your income if you were to fall seriously ill.
    • Health Insurance – a range of cover from elective surgeries and consultations through to GP and dental cover.

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We can offer a range of services to protect your wealth and help meet your business, investment and property goals.

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