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Authority To Proceed

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Authority to proceed:

We have read and understood this Statement of Advice (SoA) and appendices and acknowledge the following:

  1. All investments have risk and the value of our projected return could vary to that stated. We understand that there is no guarantee that some or all of the capital and interest will be returned when we need it.
  2. I appoint Lighthouse Wealth to implement the recommendations outlined in this SoA.
  3. That all the information that I have supplied is true and correct and nothing that I deem ‘material’ has been omitted.
  4. That my circumstances could change over time and it is my responsibility to contact Lighthouse Wealth when changes occur that could alter the applicability of the advice given in this SoA.
  5. That all funds to be invested and all premiums that are to be paid, will be done so from funds gained by lawful means.
  6. That the relevant Disclosure Statement have been provided by the adviser.
  7. The scope of advice relating to this Statement of Advice has been limited by me and not by the adviser. I acknowledge the advantages of receiving a full ‘personalised service’ rather than a ‘limited service’.
  8. I have the right to access and to correct my personal information that is held on file.
  9. Our personal information may be provided to Real AML to electronically verify our identity, (if applicable).
  10. Permission is granted for my files to be reviewed by the Financial Regulator or external compliance personnel, as part of the companies requirements, to meet the regulations and maintain industry best practices.
  11. Permission is granted for staff and other advisers within Lighthouse Wealth to access my details and file to provide the necessary advice in the event my designated adviser is unavailable.
  12. I will provide Lighthouse Wealth with any significant life changes including, a change of address (including email) plus any change in my Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR) etc.