Residential Property Investors

Investing in residential property is one of the most popular ways of growing your wealth and planning for retirement.

We work with investors who want to build long-term buy and hold portfolio’s which leverage incremental gain over time. These investors purchase properties, add value, re-value and then move onto the next purchase.

These investors generally use a mix of two strategies, high yield, low capital gain strategy, meaning their goal is to purchase properties which can earn them a high rental income, relative to the original purchase price of the property. Often positive cashflow can be achieved, meaning the investor receives a regular cash income after all costs are paid. Or, low yield, high capital gains, where rental income is disregarded entirely, to achieve the maximum amount of capital gain over a long period of time.

We also work with dealers, developers and traders in land who seek to make quick cash gains by buying and selling (flipping) properties quickly, either trying to time the market or making renovations/improvements to the property to increase its value.

In either case, we help our clients understand the core principles of property Investment:

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